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S-Carousel Soft-Close (Left & Right)

* Easy to install and adjust the height of tray Add environmental anti-slip mat Improve

 Product Advantages
 Easy to install and adjust the height of tray
 Add environmental anti-slip mat
 Improve the space utilization
 Single tray can bear 25kg.

Frame is made of high-quality steel, surface treatment
Process for European standard environmental spraying is 
adopted.Passed through European Environmental standard 
Cr.electroplating to ensure it can Stand wear and tear.
The central spiale works smoothly.

 Available Size
 Carcass Size(mm)  Size in mm  Article No.  MRP
 900-1000  495 x 865 x (600-750)  HKSC.29.600 (L)  20200/-
 900-1000  495 x 865 x (600-750)  HKSC.29.600 (R)  20200/-